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Majority of the year, Henry Christmas Wholesaler is an unassuming wholesale shop that sells bicycles. What started out as a flower shop to a Thai Durian shop to a Mooncakes & Lanterns shop, turns into a Christmas Wonderland every September in preparation for the festive season. The name “Henry” given by customers was derived from the original Heng Li, 恒丽, which translates to “everlasting beauty” in Chinese.

Owner, Derrick Tan says the shop goes back to its beginning in 1930s when his grandfather opened a market in that same space. In the 1970s, the shop became a provision shop. Over the years, there was a rise in demand from retail outlets and corporations for Christmas trees which led to stocking it up in small collections. In 1990, the family decided to occupy and turn the whole shop to Christmas decorations, moving the other products to the warehouse.

“The first time I sold one tree, I was very happy” said Derrick. He hopes that every customer who steps foot into the shop will completely immerse in the festive atmosphere. Upon entry, customers are greeted with a dazzling array of shiny baubles and fairy lights, as well as lively music and cool air. Products ranges from Christmas crackers, timber cravings of nativity scenes and a herd of sheep figures alongside the trees and garlands. His regular customers are always in for a treat as there will definitely be something new every year.

Despite how busy this season is resulting in long business operating hours, to him, Christmas season is the most wonderful time of the year. It remains a passion of his as he
strongly believes that as long as the decorations look good and lasts, customers will always flow in.

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