Process in China

At Henry Christmas Wholesale, customers can rest assure that the products they receive are of value and quality. Around June every year, we will travel to various parts of China for about a month to source for quality decorations at the best prices. After which, we will go back again in August to inspect the products which the suppliers delivered to the warehouse. The products will undergo thorough inspection and assessment of the quality. Any faulty products will then be returned to the suppliers. After assessing the products, they will be temporarily stored in the Warehouse in China. Few days later, the products will be loaded into containers that are 20 feet or 40 feet to be shipped to Singapore by sea.

Process in Singapore

Upon reaching Singapore’s shore, the items will clear customs before moving to the warehouse here. At the warehouse, he appoints his staff members to unload the inspected items and stores it there. The lorry will then deliver the items to the shop to sell to customers.